2D Walk Cycle

I find traditional animation fascinating, that’s why I keep experimenting. This is my first 2D walk cycle.
Great thing about traditional animation is that it’s quick to make and you can control where you apply the most effort. You can make the sketch rough or tight, you can make the animation limited or robust. For a long time I was looking for a good way to present my short films. Now I feel dumb for not realizing traditional animation is the perfect vehicle.  This animation is on twos.


Baby Griffin

Very quick Baby Griffin design. The whole thing took maybe an hour.





Orc Low-Poly

I started this  mini-project to test out some new methods of texturing. And looking at the result, I think it worked out pretty fine.  I will write about it in more detail later. For now I just want to mention that it’s all flat color with ZERO light, and it’s 1389 polygons.

Only 4 objects in total.

Below is the concept BY SOME OTHER ARTIST which it was based upon.

Drag to spin the image!

Orc / Low-Poly
by Alex Yaremchuk
on Sketchfab

Orc Armor: Low-Poly

Like I promised when I initially started on the Orc Project, I’m now converting  my Zbrush sculpt into low-poly. Again like I said, there will be several versions of low-poly  for different engine types:

*Super light-weight version with flat shading
*Medium version for regular games
*And an advance version for rendering (with hair simulation and maybe SSS)

What you see here is an armor plate for a low-poly version. It’s only 476 polys (800 triangles) and the map in 512×512. Presumably this model is meant for a game engine which sports no lighting effects whatsoever. That’s why everything is baked. The production consisted of several stages:

*Poly-painting in Zbrush
*Baking maps in Topogun
*Compositing maps in Photoshop
*Rendering to texture in 3ds Max with Vray
*Adding some dirt in Mari

More in-depth tutorial will come out as soon as the whole Orc is optimized.

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Orc color study

I basically took a Zbrush rendering and painted over it to get a rough idea of what I’m going for here.

Applying details

The process is underway. Keep coming back, next tutorial will cover all that!



My old sculpt

I’ve just dug deep into my archives and fetched the sculpt I did a number of years ago. I think I’ll invest a bit of time into posing it and doing a rendering. Maybe even a 3D printing.

I’m not going to paint it this time.

Orc update

I decided I want to expand a bit on the previous idea. Meaning that instead of just the head I have the whole torso now. Obviously I had to reconstruct the body several times and I lost all the details of the face. But it’s still blocking and I will project the face from the previous version in no time.


Obviously, all this is still very much work in progress. I haven’t yet started on the details.

Next video tutorial is coming up!

Video tutorial is here!

Jack Printed

Finally got the print of Jack. This one is SLS.