Project Overview: Baby Dragon

Male sculpt


Project overview: Hunter

I intend to make such videos for every project which took me at least several days to complete. There’s always something to talk about.

Hunter Done

Finally got around to completing this piece. Next up I’d like to record a brief tutorial explaining the whole process and my whole approach to presenting characters.

Doc Frog

Character which was meant for animation but ended up as a mere illustration. What you see here is a low-poly version (all except for the wooded boards and the bowl.

Sometimes I’m just in a mode to make a wacky character.  This one was in works for a year. Just recently managed to squeeze a little time to finish it up. I ought to make a video about it too.

Check out the character’s page. 

Zombie Hunter: Light Test

Still grinding at this old model. Have a few interesting ideas. In particular I like the look of this hard shadows on this realtime viewport rendering. They make for a slightly noir-ish feel.