My latest painting

Still life

I’ll be making video base on this as well. I have the whole process recorded!

Rhino Scene: Light Tests

This are the two shots I’m going to develop now. I’m consciously going for a Noir style. I love harsh shadows, that’s why I’m play down the power of GI. I still use Gamma 2.2, of course.

What you see here is an extreme low-poly. Meaning that I applied Decimation Master inside Zbrush compressing the mesh by a factor of 100. This is more than enough for lighting experiments. Rendered with Vray 2 as usual.

Next up:
-Transferring high-res objects one by one
-Applying textures
-Adjusting textures and shaders
-Rendering final images and a few extra channels
-Compositing images
-Final color-correction inside Lightroom

Bar scene update

After spending some time painting I back to my scene with the Rhino. It’s a just low-poly screenshot from the viewport. I’ll be using this scene to test the lighting.

Bar scene / Draft

The Bat Exposed

I haven’t painted for a while, even though I enjoy it a lot. More than 3D I think. Decided to make it in a comic book style, which I never tackled before.


Below is an older version, where I still tried to experiment with colors. I came to a conclusion that b/w is more powerful.


And here’s making of process with commentaries:

Bar color study

A little set development for a new piece. Coloring done in Photoshop.
bar_colorstudy_1_v02 copy

Project overview: Warrior

It’s actually a good habit to record those videos at the end of every project. Doesn’t take much time and I get to talk about it, which Iike.)


I moved on to another rather old character I’ve got. This one is at least 3 years old, but I never did a proper rendering with it. Though I did a couple of animation test.


This here’s a basic scene set up. I took a little time to make the bar counter. Eventually I want it to be a sort of noirish kinda thing.

Warrior Done!

At least, finished posing and rendering the character I’m initially sculpted about a year ago. See more here!


Another light test

I decided not to use the shadows of the foliage on the character. As interesting as it looks, it will only confuse the viewer in my opinion. Besides, I don’t like the sharp shadows the direct light produces, and I haven’t yet figured out the way to soften them without area light.

Light test 3