Ninja Duck Tutorial

I’ve just recorded a new tutorial, outlining the process behind my Ninja Duck character. So hopfully now it makes a little more sense.)


Last week I’ve seen part of the TMNT movie (couldn’t stand the entire thing), and I vividly realized what a dumb and silly idea a Ninja Turtle is.) So I decided to take it further. Meet Cyber Dino Ninja Vampire Duck!

Still life

Painting still life is a great way to practice. I paint from photos, and I prefer not to spend lots of time seting up the composition. My goal is to try to depict something ordinary in an interesting way.


With this one I didn’t care much for proportions and overall fidelity of colors.I just wanted to capture something.

Pumpkin rerendered

I’ve spent an hour trying to find the high-res original. Alas only the low-poly survived. The character was made I think 3 years.

Check out the characters personal page.

Rhino in color

My timing improves. This little project went much faster and smoother than previous. Like I wrote before I was going for a Noir look. But the tricky part is that Noir is usually black and white, and I didn’t want to loose color. I also wanted deep shadows, but I didn’t want to compromise all the details. Seems like contradictory ideas.

Check out the character’s personal page.