My old sculpt

I’ve just dug deep into my archives and fetched the sculpt I did a number of years ago. I think I’ll invest a bit of time into posing it and doing a rendering. Maybe even a 3D printing.

I’m not going to paint it this time.

Orc update

I decided I want to expand a bit on the previous idea. Meaning that instead of just the head I have the whole torso now. Obviously I had to reconstruct the body several times and I lost all the details of the face. But it’s still blocking and I will project the face from the previous version in no time.


Obviously, all this is still very much work in progress. I haven’t yet started on the details.

Next video tutorial is coming up!

Video tutorial is here!

Jack Printed

Finally got the print of Jack. This one is SLS.

Just started

I thought to myself, why not make an orc…

Animated storyboard

Today I suddenly dug out an old storyboard (or animatic, whatever you like to call it) I did a while ago. I decided it’s time to publish it. There’s a version with some comments and a version without ’em.

For the record, I love storyboarding.)

Wizard posed

Spent a little time posing and rendering this guy. Check out the dedicated page.

One of my latest

Next up is rigging and posing. And maybe some shader tweaks.
I was pretty frivolous with poly-count though. Otherwise a game-ready character.

The design in NOT mine, it was done by other person.



Character designed by my good friend Angelica Alieva. The model is meant to be 3D printed and I only painted it to make this rendering.


A painting that carries a special significance for our family. This cat died this summer, he was less than a year old.

Rest in peace, little friend.