Orc Low-Poly

I started this  mini-project to test out some new methods of texturing. And looking at the result, I think it worked out pretty fine.  I will write about it in more detail later. For now I just want to mention that it’s all flat color with ZERO light, and it’s 1389 polygons.

Only 4 objects in total.

Below is the concept BY SOME OTHER ARTIST which it was based upon.

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Orc / Low-Poly
by Alex Yaremchuk
on Sketchfab

Orc Armor: Low-Poly

Like I promised when I initially started on the Orc Project, I’m now converting  my Zbrush sculpt into low-poly. Again like I said, there will be several versions of low-poly  for different engine types:

*Super light-weight version with flat shading
*Medium version for regular games
*And an advance version for rendering (with hair simulation and maybe SSS)

What you see here is an armor plate for a low-poly version. It’s only 476 polys (800 triangles) and the map in 512×512. Presumably this model is meant for a game engine which sports no lighting effects whatsoever. That’s why everything is baked. The production consisted of several stages:

*Poly-painting in Zbrush
*Baking maps in Topogun
*Compositing maps in Photoshop
*Rendering to texture in 3ds Max with Vray
*Adding some dirt in Mari

More in-depth tutorial will come out as soon as the whole Orc is optimized.

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Orc color study

I basically took a Zbrush rendering and painted over it to get a rough idea of what I’m going for here.

Applying details

The process is underway. Keep coming back, next tutorial will cover all that!