My animated shorts

Initially one of the reasons I got into 3D was because I wanted to make my own animated short films. I made my first one about 15 years ago, and now I’m trying to revive this little hobby of mine. I have two fully storyboarded scripts. One will be in 3D and the other will be animated in 2D (classical hand-drawn animation). I do everything myself, including the voice work, and it’s a lot of fun as a ton of work.

My goal is to learn to make animated shorts quickly so that I can showcase my idea quicker than I myself can get bored with it.) But finding the right style involves lots of R&D.

Some production pics. Like I said, the goal was to simplify as much as possible.




Ever since I first saw Hobbit I had this urge to either paint or sculpt the King of the Woodland Realm. I think Lee Pace was an amazing casting choice.

With this work my goal was not so much to capture the likeness as to capture my perception of the character. I find extreme realism boring, so my Thranduil is very stylized and maybe cartoonish.  Basically, what you see on the colored picture is a rendering from Zbrush which I painted over in Photoshop. It will help me to create the actual textures for the model. But color study is very-very important, because at the end it saves lots of time.

I also like how it looks in black & white.