Cartoon Orc

I love expressive cartoonish design. And for a few days I had this idea of drawing another orc. So I did)


Thranduil / Part 2

It’s a continuation of my Previous Post. I’ve finally came through with little project, and it took me a little longer, than I thought initially. But that is because I decided to learn an entirely new pipeline here.

Usually I go from Zbrush to 3ds Max, where I do rendering with Vray, and then I copmosite everything in After Effects and/or Photoshop. But there’s this constant buzz about the combination of Arnold and Nuke. So I decided to turn this project into a learning opportunity. So I’ve rendered everything in passes and put it back together in Nuke with a couple of light touches in Photoshop.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

-Nuke is great, and with Arnold it make linear workflow a breeze.
-Rendering out multiple passes can indeed improve the final result. And you should have masks for every part of the character.
-I still think Vray and 3ds Max are great and I will continue to use them.
-Every project should end with a post-mortem, otherwise important lessons won’t stick!

Important thing to remember

-Probably not every project should be about learning new tools. Some are just meant to be through with quickly.
-There’s no right or wrong way to do an illustration.
-ALWAYS write the goals of the project on a list of paper. Primary goals + bonus goals (if you have time).
-Search for the fast way to accomplish the project! Take a pause once in a while, get away from the computer and just scribble on a pieceĀ of paper for 30 minutes.
-Don’t be super-obsessed with a perfect result. Some things CAN be fixed in post.
-Before starting on an illustration (or any art project) write on a piece of paper what reaction you are looking to provoke in a viewer.
-Don’t get obsessed with technical research or any other side quest. Constantly go back to the goals of the project.

Anyway, it was great fun, and I’ve learned techniques which I will incorporate in my workflow.