I did lots of progress with my animated shorts over the course of the last two month. Most importantly I decided to make it 2D. And since I love the aesthetics of old-school MGM shorts I decided to go for a painted background. I wanted it to be simple and rough. Here you see what the whole composition will roughly look with characters when composited.

The background itself. It’s not easy to make a simple shot like a puddle took colorful and not too distracting. The focus should be on the characters.

3D animation test

Here’s what it looked like a year ago, when I still considered making it 3D.

Storyboard to Animation

4 years ago I did post-production for a commercial at a studio I was affiliated with at the time. Recently I discovered that they actually completed the commercial after I left, so I compiled some footage together to illustrate the evolution of the idea. PostPro18 is the studio who did all the 3D work here.

BJD Doll

The doll was modeled and posed by my wife, Olga Bekreeva. My job was to come up with the presentation. Little fabric simulation + rendering with Vray inside 3ds Max. All done for our BJD brand.

Crow animation

A small freelance project I did 4-5 years. I did the model in Zbrush, rigging and animation in 3ds Max.

Set Design

Quick set design I did for a commercial several years ago. Just bumped into it. 🙂

Nude sketch

I’m thinking of drawing girls more often. Why refusing myself this pleasure?

Coloring next.