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I loved animation and films ever since I was a little kid. It was different back then. Computers were mostly installed in labs and you had to be a scientist to even launch a game under DOS. That’s why I spent my time with Nintendo. Nintendo games, Disney animation (there were no Dreamworks or Pixar) and a mix of action and horror movies. If you were growing up in the 80s and 90s you probably know the taste of it.

After a while I moved to game journalism. The only sensible occupation for a 16 year old kid, who’s only achievement in life was that he finished about 300 games (classical games, which were actually hard to beat, mind you). I remember I was immensely proud of the fact I was earning my own money and didn’t have to take a dime from my old folks. So called journalism lasted me for a few years, when I picked up programming in Flash as a hobby. It was Macromedia Flash MX at the time, and I used it to make simple games who nobody played but my little brother. There was no way to publish them on the web. YouTube and Facebook didn’t exist yet and Internet was painfully slow. It’s strange to realize that there was a time when I could code in ActionScript, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL and even C++ a little.

I soon lost interest in all that though once I discovered 3ds Max. After only one month of studying it I started to experiment by making short animated films.They were crude and I wouldn’t show them now for love or money. But it got be started. Few years later I got my first full time job as a game designer on a small RPG project. By then I’d read all the books on animation in existence and several books on filmmaking. I even attended an acting school in LA for 6 months. After realizing that game design is not a fulfilling job for me, I left that job and found a new one in animation.