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Quick Sketch

Pigeon Paradox

My first 2D animated short. I did everything, starting with the voice acting.

Short film progress

I’m very happy with how my personal project is coming together. Within a week or two my animated short will finally see the light of day! It will first be published here.

While working I managed to add Toonboom Harmony to the list of tools I commonly use. Turned out to be a great package!

Another web-comic

Facebook Page for my comics!

New Ram Renderings

Ram Design

This little guy will be turned into a BJD doll.


In my free time I do comic strips! Have a Facebook page for it now!


I did lots of progress with my animated shorts over the course of the last two month. Most importantly I decided to make it 2D. And since I love the aesthetics of old-school MGM shorts I decided to go for a painted background. I wanted it to be simple and rough. Here you see what the whole composition will roughly look with characters when composited.

The background itself. It’s not easy to make a simple shot like a puddle took colorful and not too distracting. The focus should be on the characters.

3D animation test

Here’s what it looked like a year ago, when I still considered making it 3D.