Quick Sketch

Pigeon Paradox

My first 2D animated short. I did everything, starting with the voice acting.

Short film progress

I’m very happy with how my personal project is coming together. Within a week or two my animated short will finally see the light of day! It will first be published here.

While working I managed to add Toonboom Harmony to the list of tools I commonly use. Turned out to be a great package!

Another web-comic

Facebook Page for my comics!

New Ram Renderings

Ram Design

This little guy will be turned into a BJD doll.


In my free time I do comic strips! Have a Facebook page for it now!

Storyboard to Animation

4 years ago I did post-production for a commercial at a studio I was affiliated with at the time. Recently I discovered that they actually completed the commercial after I left, so I compiled some footage together to illustrate the evolution of the idea. PostPro18 is the studio who did all the 3D work here.

BJD Doll

The doll was modeled and posed by my wife, Olga Bekreeva. My job was to come up with the presentation. Little fabric simulation + rendering with Vray inside 3ds Max. All done for our BJD brand.