Crow animation

A small freelance project I did 4-5 years. I did the model in Zbrush, rigging and animation in 3ds Max.

Set Design

Quick set design I did for a commercial several years ago. Just bumped into it. 🙂

Nude sketch

I’m thinking of drawing girls more often. Why refusing myself this pleasure?

Coloring next.


My favorite scene from one of my favorite movies.

Snake rendering

Did a small rendering for our doll studio. Snake’s design, BJD structure and pose by Olga. The composition, the set and the light by myself.

Maybe not the most appropriate set for a doll presentation though. I was considering a version where the doll is depicted among regular household objects on a tabletop.

Old stuff

Just discovered several old images I still happen to like. 🙂



Baby Griffin

Finally got around to converting one of my older designs into a 3D sculpt. This sculpt (and this is just the first iteration) will later me used to produce a BJD doll.



Orc: 2D to 3D

I’ve finally finished working on 3D sculpt based on my own quick sketch. The interesting thing about it is that it was sculpted with no symmetry in the final pose. Below there are several images:

-Zbrush Sculpt
-Painted over version from Photoshop
-Same model rendered with Vray

Turns out that Zbrush rendering is much more fitting for painting over. Vray version looks different. Not sure, if it looks better.

And just to remind, what the original looked like.