Pigeon Paradox

My first 2D animated short. I did everything, starting with the voice acting.

3D animation test

Here’s what it looked like a year ago, when I still considered making it 3D.

Crow animation

A small freelance project I did 4-5 years. I did the model in Zbrush, rigging and animation in 3ds Max.

2D Walk Cycle

I find traditional animation fascinating, that’s why I keep experimenting. This is my first 2D walk cycle.
Great thing about traditional animation is that it’s quick to make and you can control where you apply the most effort. You can make the sketch rough or tight, you can make the animation limited or robust. For a long time I was looking for a good way to present my short films. Now I feel dumb for not realizing traditional animation is the perfect vehicle.  This animation is on twos.


Animated storyboard

Today I suddenly dug out an old storyboard (or animatic, whatever you like to call it) I did a while ago. I decided it’s time to publish it. There’s a version with some comments and a version without ’em.

For the record, I love storyboarding.)